Even legendary poker players began somewhere and made plenty of mistakes throughout their journeys. Here are some mistakes rookies make in online poker.

Logging in too many hours
Human beings are not machines, we need rest. Your brain doesn’t function too well after spending countless hours at an online poker table. Instead of getting rest, rookies tend to spend more time chasing money that they have lost. Usually, when you try to reclaim the cash you lost, you lose more in the process. After so many hours your mind will convince you that you’re doing well. Don’t fall for the trap!

Neglecting Position
Online poker is so much more than just playing cards. Beginners hold a myopic vision of the play and will rely solely on their cards. Games such as Texas Hold’em make use of player position. The strength of your hand depends on your position. Do a study of the effect of position in poker. Who knows? The difference between a good play and a bad one might just be three seats apart.

Being Ignorant
As is the case with position, ignoring the threatening nature of your opponents and just playing poker online willy-nilly is a recipe for disaster. Be aware, monitor your opponents’ actions and their possible repercussions. Pay attention to your opponents’ moves, and figure out some sort of a trend. Don’t let ignorance be the reason for your downfall.