Rummy is an exciting group of games based on the skill and concentration of its participants. One of the most challenging part of rummy is to try and get involved in rummy tournaments. Rummy tournaments are the best way to earn some real cash, be it freerolls or cash rummy tournaments. Rummy tournaments online are the simplest and the most fun way to enjoy rummy cash games on the website.

Types of Rummy Tournaments

Rummy tournaments not just test your skills but also will test your endurance against some of the pro players of the game. All 13 cards rummy variations have the same basic rule i.e. make required sequences and or sets before your opponent and finish the game.

Many rummy sites are offering the opportunity to play rummy tournaments online where the competition is open to a large volume of players who play to win cash prizes. You can choose to play rummy tournaments online at a rummy site that offers high-quality graphics, smooth game play and vibrant rummy tables. A tournament usually ends with four finalists playing at the final table. Those players will win the majority of the pot.

There are various types of Rummy Tournaments:

Freeroll Rummy Tournaments:

Freeroll rummy tournaments are the best way to earn some real cash without spending a single penny from your side.

Cash Rummy Tournaments

Cash rummy tournaments will test your willingness to play and win real cash. Join the tables with a small entry fee and win from a prize pool worth lakhs in real cash. There are numerous cash rummy tournaments happening at various online Rummy sites.

High Roller Tournaments

High roller tourneys are regular tournaments but with a huge prize pool and a comparatively higher entry fee. Most of the rummy portals host a diverse range of tournaments. The high roller tournaments are designed for the expert rummy players who like to make it big.

Satellite Tournaments

Mostly in large tournaments with high cash prize, the portal hosts satellite tourneys to filter the skilled players. Satellite tournaments can be considered as a qualifying event that allows the expert players to take part in the main event without spending the big entry free.

Some tournament types allow direct entry to the main event with an entry fee. If you do not have the budget for direct entry, you can always participate in the satellite tournament to win the entry tickets to the final event.